C8 Self-Managed Upgrade procedures?

If we run the platform on our own, what does an upgrade look like?

@Niall … Can you find someone to explain this?

We have some docs right here that describes how to perform an upgrade or migration.
Please let me know if there’s something missing.

Hey @DGilmour22

I’m currently working on some upgrade details for the Helm charts, you can see a draft here Add Helm upgrade guide by Zelldon · Pull Request #880 · camunda/camunda-platform-docs · GitHub I hope I will complete it this week.


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I think Niall’s link is only for Optimize.
Looks like Chris is heading where I was thinking. Look forward to the results. :wink:

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Generally speaking if @Zelldon post something after me - you can consider whatever i said to be wrong or obsolete - usually both :joy:

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