Calculating SLA

I want to know, does Camunda supports business calendar library?

Actually, I am looking for something where I can configure holidays and company off days and also working hours, so I can calculate SLA’s on working hours.

Can anyone help me with suggestion/solution?


Configure them for what? What are you trying to do here? Camunda is in many ways a development environment and as such has tremendous extensibility.

Describe what you are trying to do in more detail and I’ll see if I can help.



I think what you want is a service called something like getNextBusinessDay(fromDate, businessDays). Hence given a start date and the number of desired business days in between it returns the next business date meeting requirements.

Out of the box Camunda does not realise this service, however you could write a process which perfroms this service. You could consider using a decision table to store the set of public holidays etc so that you can determine the next business day…




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