Call Activity - How to pass in all the Process Instance Variables from Parent process to Activity?

I’m trying to call a reusable activity from my parent process but all the fields in the activity’s execution are coming as null. I understand this is different from sub process. How can I ensure all the variables in the parent execution scope are passed into the call activity?
Task A is being called successfully but when I do the following in Task A it comes back as null (SOME_VARIABLE is set correctly in the parent)

public class TaskADelegate implements JavaDelegate {
  public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
        String key = execution.getProcessBusinessKey(); // is NULL when it should have a value
        String varId = execution.getVariable("SOME_VARIABLE").toString(); /is NULL when it should have a value

Parent activity
Call Activity

Hello @SemperFi1970 ,

there is a tab in the properties panel called variables, where you manage the variable passing in and out. Here, you can define a mapping with “all”.


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Thanks. Adding all did the trick. For others googling


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