Call Activity : Variables vs Input/Output

Hi, for Call Activity, what is the difference between the tab “Variables” and “Input/output” ? I am a little bit confused. Thanks

It is a little confusing.
But basically input/output can be used on any activity in order to map a global variable to a local variable.
The Variables tab is there for sending variables from the parent process to the called child process.

Thx Niall ! So, for “Input/Output”, when you say “mapping”, what does it means exactly ? If I use “Input / Output” for a service task, I can create a NEW variable that has a local scope within the service task (e.g. in the java delegate) and for which the value is a transformation given by the expression I type in the “value” field or modeler: is that what you mean by mapping ? If so, why is it named “mapping”, as there could actually be nothing “Mapped” per say ?

For Call Activity, I fail to see the use of “Input/Output” when we have “Variables” panel that seems to be used to defined what parameters we inject in the called subprocess (possibly by using the values of existing existing variable(s)). I understand that only copies are passed to the called subprocess, not reference (right ?). What can we do with the Input/Output panel that we cannot do with the “Variables” ??

This is very confusing and it would be great if the documentation would be improved to explain this is a clearer manner. Thx for your help :slight_smile:

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