Call for Contributions: Camunda Community Day

We at Camunda conduct our annual Camunda community day on September 15th, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. There are still open slots for your talk in the agenda. We welcome any proposal and are happy to discuss the details.

The community day allows us to engage closely with the community that uses Camunda BPM and our modeling toolkits. As part of the days schedule we give community members the opportunity to share how they use and extend our BPM platform.

Did you build anything interesting in the Camunda ecosystem?

Please respond to this thread or send me a private message if you’d like to share your extension/project/product or story with us.

We did a showcase that enhances the camunda twitter example to run on the Camunda Spring Boot runtime together with DMN, external tasks and hystrix to demonstrate possible “microservice” approaches with camunda. check it out here:

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Hi @jangalinski,

I would really like to see a focused talk about the spring boot extension because I know that many users are interested in learning about that. Would you be open to doing a Spring boot presentation?


If thats what you have in mind: I will do it, of course. Combining the camunda-spring-boot application with micro-services (external tasks) would show the full potential. How much time would I get?

@self: maybe we should sjust discuss that “synchronous” :slight_smile:

With the current planning it is gonna be 15 minute sessions. That time is probably not enough to present the whole Spring Boot + Micro Service hammer (both things are huge topics on their own).

In my point of view focusing on one of the topics for presenting makes sense.

OK then … I will provide a short 15min introduction to camunda-spring-boot

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Another idea: the reactor extension for generic subscription to process events, see and

We use this a lot meanwhile and it is really useful and deserves attention …

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We started to build a new extension called Camunda BPM Cloud, which is based on the Camunda BPM Spring Boot extension. We will be looking for the supporter from Camudna soon - just a matter of some days. I would be happy to present it on the Camunda Community day in Autumn.

@jangalinski: if I have to pick between Spring Boot and Reactor than I would pick Spring Boot.

What we could do is that @jangalinski does one session on Spring Boot and @zambrovski does one session on the “cloud” things.

Would that work for you guys? Then I would put you down for that and approach you via email for abstract etc…

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Well, yes … you have to pick :slight_smile: So Spring boot it is …

Reactor is cool though!