Call/Open a subprocess diagram

I am using Camunda not very often, but a client of mine uses it. And somehow it has its charm.

I have finally found and saw this thread “how-to-open-a-sub-process-in-a-new-page-expansion/14782”. There it says it doesn’t work, any new developments?

Most other answers are java, xml, call ID. I don’t need an introduction into BPMN or programming. Just a simple answer to an innocent question.

I have defined the main flow with sub-processes. Since there are a lot, how do I open a sub-process from the main process flow.

In the other modeler(s) the sub-process has a name and ID attached. Mouse Right click, ‘go sub-process’ or ‘edit sub-process’ done. Diagram opens…

Maybe I am simply blind and don’t see the how and where to click.

Thanks for the help

You can do that with Cawemo our web modeler - but not with the desktop modeler.

Thx for the response. Maybe a good hint for the developers to have a look at other modelers and copy the functionality. If you have 100-150 diagrams it really helps. And it gets pretty stupid that the s…t expansive system my client bought can’t be used and that they have to go and use a web app.

I have a look at Cawemo and hope that I can at least import / export existing diagrams.

Anyway probably not our problem.

Thx anyway.

Hello @Niall,

Do you have a tutorial about how to do that with Cawemo? I cqn’t find this option.

Thank youfor your attention.

Hi @joao
Unfortunately this feature is now only available in cawemo as part of the paid version.

Hi @Niall,

Thank you for your answer.