CallActivity - access variables of called process in main process

Hi everyone.

I created a process which uses a bunch of “callActivities” because there are some tasks that could be reused in other processes.

Now I’ve a problem, which is… I cannot acess the variables set in those called processes :confused:
Is there any way to make those variables available in the main process?

I think it should have at least a way of setting a variable with a map of variables of the called process.

Does anyone know how to do something like that?

START → [CallActivity: fillForm] → [CallActivity: handleData] → END

Imagine that I want to use the data from “fillForm” inside “handleData”.
It would be awesome if we could just pass a variable to “handleData” on which its value is all the variables of fillForm…

I know that we could map those variables explicitly one by one… but its a pain in the *** when there are a lot of them.

I wish there was a way of saying that “all the vars from this activity can be accessed using calledProc.varname

What you guys do in that kind of situation?

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Silva