Calling a message in different pool

Hi All,
I am trying to achieve a flow as shown in below diagram
there is a intermediate message throw event “call compress”(highlighted in circle)
This call compress has a java delegate implementation to corelate to a message which is highlighted in the diagram2.
In diagram2 the message start event which is highlighted has a message name as compress.
The error i am getting is :
“type”: “RestException”,
“message”: “org.camunda.bpm.engine.MismatchingMessageCorrelationException: Cannot correlate message ‘compress’: No process definition or execution matches the parameters”

The java delegate code i have :

Can you upload the process that you’re using.
Also take a look at the style guide for how to format code when posting. It makes it easier to read :slight_smile:

@Niall i have attached the BPMN, it might give some issues as i have used some custom ,modeller templates for service task.
Let me Know if you need anything else

PS : i am not sure if it is the right way to call from a different pool or if it is even possible because in your Video The task “AskTDogForhelp” was a separate BPMN .

integrationDemo3.bpmn (13.6 KB)

@shashank19aug In your process, Diagram2 you set it as isExecutable=“false”. Change this property to isExecutable=“true”, it will work.

<bpmn:process id="Process_0ke5epj" isExecutable="false">    

Also, please fix other errors/incomplete configuration for the activities in your model (in Diagram1: Message EndEvents)

Refer the below example which I have modeled using Message End and Start Events between different pools:


public class DispatcherDelegate implements JavaDelegate {

  public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
        execution.getProcessBusinessKey(), execution.getVariables());


BPMN File: producer_consumer.bpmn (5.8 KB)


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