Calling java delegate class from a service task

I have a separate project for java delegate class which is in jar file. there is one process which is deployed from a modeler and using that process I am trying to call java class in one of the service task . but I am not understanding where to keep our jar file so that our process will able to pick that at runtime.

I am using default camunda engine with tomcat. tried keeping inside lib folder but process is still giving ClassNotFound Exception.

can anyone help me on this.

Hi @abhi1o3
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If you want to run JavaDelegates with a model they must be deployed together in the same context. Either by deploying them as part of a WAR file to an application server or by deploying them together as part of the a Spring Boot application.

Deploying processes via the modeler or REST api is only really possible if you’re running External Tasks or local scripts as your business logic.

thankyou for your help.