Calling several Receive Tasks

Hi all,
I have a service task and this service task leads to two receive tasks.

I have a callback that invokes Receive Task 1 or Receive Task 2 via Rest Call. My problem is that when I call Receive Task 1 via callback then Receive Task 2 has a running instance waiting to be invoked.
I first thought about adding an Gateway, but I have no condition, cause the condition is handled in the callback and hidden from the workflow.
My question is, can this somehow be solved?

Hi @Armin1231 and @Niall ,

currently, the engine doesn’t support receive tasks in combination with an event-based gateway. Instead, you have to use two message catch events.

Does this help you?

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Hi Phillipp,
sounds easy. I’ll implement and test it.

Thank you

You saved my day.

Thank you again.