Cammand - Camunda Webapps alternative

Hello all

Wanted to share with the community an alternative to the current Camunda UI Web Apps.


This is a Web Assembly based SPA that aims to provide robust enterprise friendly real-world usage for tasks, management, and administration.

The baseline app provides a “Kitchen Sink” implementation of Runtime and History APIs, so you can view active and completed process instances, tasks, etc.

The general usage is to provide rapid tailoring to configure for your custom needs!

Some of the features:

  1. Runtime and History API visuals
  2. BPMNJs support
  3. Form Render and Form Builder (Build and even test your forms!)
  4. Create a Deployment
  5. Tasklist using Runtime and History APIs
  6. Startable Process Definitions
  7. Themable, Multilingual, etc.
  8. Mobile friendly
  9. Fully Customizable
  10. Component Based (You can quickly pick and choose the parts of the app you want to use)
  11. Authentication Support
  12. Json Variable Submissions for Forms
  13. Transient Variable Submission for Forms
  14. Per Form Field Variable Submissions for Forms

Some initial Screenshots:


Process Instances


Form Builder

Startable Definitions

Tasklist / User Tasks

BPMN Data (heat maps, overlays with relevant counts: activities competed, waiting, waiting executions, etc)



This is fantastic,
Can’t wait to give it a try!

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Looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing. Nice to see another language (dot Net) being used.

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Hi @StephenOTT

Thanks for sharing. can you share a step by step guide for end users who don’t know spring framework about how to install and run this app?

Thanks so much

@mrdavoodi64 There will be a docker setup posted soon that you can run


so it is using Camunda in the backend ? But allows for a new front end ? And I 2nd the question about getting a docker :-). What license is it coming with ?


@mh007 This is a “new frontend”. It works with the “out-of-the-box” REST APIs provided by Camunda REST.

The license target is ~MIT or similar. Updates on this soon.

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Multiple Updates:


Definitions UI cleanup:

Definition Actions for: History Time to Live, Deletion, and Suspension Actions:

Variable Visibility Updates:

And variable cleanups to Create Deployments, External Tasks, Jobs, User Tasks, Incidents, etc. See the Updated Repo readme for latest screenshots.

Note that the Dialogs will likely be removed in near future and replaced with url based pages: The App will likely follow a “everything has a URL” policy.

Hi @StephenOTT
What version of the dotnot SDK is required to run the project?

You will need the 5.x :


@mrdavoodi64 @mh007 @Niall Docker example has been added:

Use the docker-compose + the in the release.

Instructions can be found in the docker folder’s readme.


Nice Thanks for this wonder full frontend.

This is awesome. I’d like to use it in my project. Is it possible to expose cammand with a certain contextPath, instead of the root url? (I’d like to install camunda and cammand behind a proxy, and the root url should be reserved for a frontend application, that is connecting to camunda’s REST API.)

@timostolz if you are hosting it yourself as a ~standalone static site such as the dev demo, you can modify the base

If you want to keep the gzip and other compressions you can modify the base and then rebuild/publish to folder. Otherwise just delete the compression files for the index.html, and make the change to base and you should be good to go.

Some incoming enhancements for the BPMN data:

Giving us common data visuals used for analysis such as Heatmaps (counts, durations,etc), configurable overlays for common usage such as completed instance counts, active instance counts, waiting executions, incidents, etc.

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Multiple updates and cleanups + additional Job listings for Timers and Messages.

Overlays were cleaned up:

Also Added initial updates for Element Property navigation:


That looks fantastic, @StephenOTT! :heart_eyes:
Great stuff :+1:

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Some page display incorrectly.
It’s seems like will load “localhost” to access the REST API, how could I change it to my own IP?
I’m not quite sure.
Please help. Thanks!

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Watched it!!

Thanks and look forward to the production release!

Lots of updates and cleanup has occurred.

There is also a native Properties Inspector for the BPMN View with C# Apis for interacting with the Diagram Elements and Business Objects.