Camunda 7.10 on tomcat 9.0.16

Hi, Are there any known issues to install Camunda on tomcat 9.0.16 ? We would like to install Camunda on 9.0.16.


Camunda V7.10 uses Tomcat 9.0.12 and tested by product team. Higher version of tomcat may work, but it’s not certified by the product team.

What would be the business case to use tomcat v9.0.16 compared to 9.0.12

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There is no specific use case, we would like to use as much latest as possible to avoid any vulnerabilities.

Camunda 7.11 supports tomcat 9.0.19.

Thanks. Tomcat 9.0.19 has a vulnerability can we use the tomcat 9.0.22 version.

Hi @Srikanth_D,

You can update the Tomcat version and perform manual installation of the platform:

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Thanks Yana. Could we instead update the maven co-ordinates to pull this version of the tomcat to re-build the distribution ? Manual installation may be more cumbersome. Do you see any issues with this approach ?