Camunda 7.12 Release Webinar

Hello Community Folk ,

Today there will be a webinar where some members of Camunda’s technical leadership (and me) will talk through some of the most exciting features of Camunda BPM’s 7.12 release as well as updates to the Camunda Modeler, Cawemo and Optimize. You can also expect to get an idea of what we’ll be working on in the next 6 months for the 7.13 release.

It will be at 5:00pm Central European Time / 11:00am Eastern Standard Time

You can register for the webinar here

@Niall Do we have recordings for this webinars?

Yes, i’ll post up a link to the recording here once it goes up

The recording of the webinar is up for those interested in what’s new in Camunda 7.12


@Niall thanks. That’s awesome :blush::+1:

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