Camunda 7.17 : Message Intermediate Catch Event : Correlation not working with process variables

Hi Team,

I am using Camunda 7.17 and in Message Intermediate Catch Event, Correlation is not working with process variables.

Below are the screenshots for the details. Am i missing something here?

Cockpit running process(Waiting for message)-

Rest API call details for correlation-

What else i have observed is correlation is working with MessageId, Business Key and ProcessInstanceId. But its not working when i pass any correlation keys.

Attaching BPMN here-
test-message.bpmn (3.0 KB)
and REST API details-
POST - /message
“messageName” : “someMessage”,
“businessKey” : “1234”,
“correlationKeys” : {
“sub” : {“value” : “dog”, “type”: “String”}

Could you also post your POC BPMN file?
That will help the community help you figure out what’s going on.

C7 is in wind-down, so you might be better to learn about C8

Its in previous message.

Try it without the correlationKeys block for now.
I think that your variables might not be available to the Message Receive block, and so it can’t correlate.

@Pradip_Patil does your process instance have a business key as well?