Camunda 7.20.3

Camunda’s official documentation is mentioning that there’s a patch for 7.20 to support Spring Boot 3.2.x in version 7.20.3 Documentation

however that version never existed in the Maven Repository

is that still slotted for future release? since Camunda 7.21 is already scheduled for April 9th according to the same above documentations

Any Clarifications here?

I suggest to read here Release Policy |
Camunda only releases minor versions for camunda community edition. Patches are released only to customers having enterprise support.


In addition to what @ad_sahota:

Spring Boot 3.2 will be part of Camunda 7.21, scheduled for April 9th 2024 and you can already test it with Camunda 7.21.0-alpha3 release.

If you check the latest version of the documentation you can see that the compatibility matrix is already update:

In addition, please check also: Camunda Automation Platform 7.21.0-alpha3 released


Thank you @ad_sahota that actually makes sense, I wasn’t aware of that release policy

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