Camunda 7.21 JS error in task list "cannot read proprties of undefined... reading assignee"


I am trying to upgrade to Camunda 7.21. When selecting a task in the tasklist, the following error occurs in the browser JS console:

deps.js?bust=7.21.0:2  TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'assignee')
    at i.hasAssignee (camunda-tasklist-bootstrap.js?bust=7.21.0:2:309622)
    at fn0 (eval at compile (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:2:415977), <anonymous>:4:301)
    at deps.js?bust=7.21.0:2:402975
    at u.$digest (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:2:411207)
    at u.$apply (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:2:413004)
    at c.done (camunda-tasklist-bootstrap.js?bust=7.21.0:2:110055)
    at camunda-tasklist-bootstrap.js?bust=7.21.0:2:5134
    at S.callback (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:159:1519992)
    at S.<anonymous> (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:159:1518057)
    at t.emit (deps.js?bust=7.21.0:159:527811)

No other errors show up in the console, which could indicate missing dependencies . My camunda configuration is using spring boot 3.2.2.
I have also created a new task list filter with default settings, but the error also occurs for this new filter.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this error?

What version did you upgrade from?
Have you applied all the fixes to the breaking changes? There’s a few other threads on the board about deps.js?bust= which seems to suggest that if there are any historical WebApp customizations they need tweaks before the page will work.

I have upgraded vom Version 7.18 to 7.21. Even after removing all customizations for the tasklist’s index.html the error remains, i.e.: even when deploying the standard web application this error occurs.

Have you tried clearing the browser cache?
There was something in the forums that has to be reconfigured if you have any custom code, but I can’t find it now.
If this is a blocker for you, I would suggest contacting Camunda support