Camunda 7.8 Wildfly 10 Load Balancer : Web application level

Hi all … I am trying to apply solution of Load Balance as information below:

  1. Login via LDAP via one DNS only ( set it as the front of Load Balancer).
  2. Under this load balancer i have 2 Camunda 7.8 running… (WildFly + web and app)
  3. Both node share same database.

So it should help us to have no down time if one of the node is down, Anyway the issue i believe is at the WEb server server because if i access to each node web everything is fine ( log in LDAP is ok) but when i try to use Log in from the DNS that is located in front of LB… after i sign in it not redirect me to anyway… no error … just give me again login page… I had tried to go through and so on… but nothing mention about how to set up at the login level for Load Balancer just mentions about the tasks and so on, Any suggestion ?

No error log either…

Problem is solved at the LB sticky connection set up…

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Hello @sumana

Old topic, but current problem… hahah
So, what do you mean about “LB sticky connection set up”?