Camunda 7 Community Edition - October 2025

Currently I am using the Camunda 7 Community Edition as an embedded process engine within Spring Boot. Furthermore I understand that there are no support for the Community Edition, and any feature improvements, critical security/bug fixes and updates to supported environments are normally provided in the next release of the Community Edition.

As per the Camunda Announcements, the last release for Camunda 7 will be version 7.24 on October 2025. This, I assume, will also be the last release of the Camunda Community Edition. As per the announcement, the Camunda 7 Enterprise Edition will have full support with patches up until April 2027, unless extended support is purchased.

So my question is whether the Community Edition will also receive these patches between October 2025 - April 2027? Since there will not be any later version of the Camunda 7 Community Edition, I need to determine when will be the last point in time I will be able to get a version of Camunda 7 Community Edition with Security fixes and also supported environments (MySQL/Java/etc…) updates.

If there will not be any security fixes made available to the Community version after October 2025, it implies I need to migrate of Camunda 7 before October 2025, and will not be able to use the last version of the Community Edition.

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Hi @AndreM78

Thanks a lot for your question.
I’ll try to get a definitive answer to you on this but I just need to make sure internally first that what I’m assuming is accurate. :slight_smile:

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Good morning, @Niall .

Do you perhaps have an update or any indication on the possibility for the Camunda 7.24 Community Edition to get the patches that the Enterprise Edition will get?

Hi @AndreM78
Sorry this is taking so long, i’m actually working internally to define an official statement on this.
Once I have something posted i’ll reply here.


Hi, are there any updates on the official statement for the Community Edition?

Hi @Niall . Do you have an official update on this topic?

@Niall I am also interested in the future of Community edition after 2025.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Niall , any updates on this?

Hi Folks,

Speaking for myself -
There’s a still a lot of time before Camunda 7 is sunset and we’re working on exactly what we’re going to be offering going forward.

At the moment what we’ve said it that we’ll offer improvements to Camunda 7 up until 2025 at which point it will be put in maintenance mode. What this means for Enterprise users is that they will continue to get security patches for a period of time. We haven’t yet decided on exactly how we’re going to support the open source community and once we do we’ll release a statement and i’ll post it here.

In the mean time - if you have specific questions about what exactly you’d like to have or you’d like to avoid happening we’d love to hear from you. So feel free to post here.

hi folks - We’re running a survey right now for folks who are using Camunda 7 Community Edition. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love for you to fill that out so we can take your feedback into account with the rest of what we’re collecting.

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