Camunda 7 : Embedded Forms : Form failure: Unsuccessful HTTP response

Hi All,
I am fairly new to world of Camunda, I am stuck while working with embedded forms. Hoping if some-one can help me out. Using camunda in spring-boot

Issue : I have a bpmn , where one task is using embedded-forms. Its pretty straight forward nothing complex. While running a process instance from tasklist UI, I see error while claiming that user task.

Error : Form failure: Unsuccessful HTTP response

I have used “@EnableProcessApplication”, I have placed html inside “src/main/resources/static/forms”, and bpmn inside “src/main/resources”.

Springboot snip :

Error snip :

BPMN snip :

BPMN file :
embedded_forms.bpmn (4.1 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile:

@jonathan.lukas , sorry to to explicitly mention you. Hoping if you can suggest me something here.

Hello @aviorn36 ,

please use the developer tools in the browser to inspect the request which fetches the form.


In developer option :

  1. Console Tab :
    GET http://localhost:8080/forms/details_form.html?noCache=1677940153208&userId=12345&engineName=default&taskId=d92466a4-ba98-11ed-b9c4-00ff16408017 404

  2. Network Tab : The response to fetch form gives “path not found”.

But, I do have forms added inside src/main/resourcs/static/forms/details_forms.html . I have uploaded snip of classpath in question.

Hello @aviorn36 ,

do you have the static resources disabled in your application.yml?


Hello @jonathan.lukas ,
I have not disabled any static folder from yml file. There are not much configured properties yet.
Have a look at it.

Hello @aviorn36 ,

here is an exercise from the java developer training.

There is a detailed instruction on how to configure an embedded form.

I hope this helps


Hello @jonathan.lukas ,

I finally found the issue and fixed it.

The issue was not with the camunda configuration for embedded task. Everything was correct.
Problem was with the way I was creating directories inside resources folder in application.

I created a directory and named it “static.forms”. I thought this was same as creating directory “forms” inside directory “static”, since in both these ways IDE (Intellij) shows similar structure in its panel as “static.forms” (attached in snip). Hence the confusion.

Thanks for pointing out to check developer option. Was not aware that a separate call is made to fetch forms. This hinted me to check the way I was creating directories as the error was path not found in developer option.

On my way of creating a POC to suggest some changes across an application in the organization I am working in.

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Hello @aviorn36 ,

thank you for submitting the resolution.

The . notation in IntelliJ led to confusion from time to time :sweat_smile:


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