Camunda 7 - Retrieve form from a different process

Greetings, I’m new to Camunda and having a hard time implementing a process, which in this case the idea is this:

  1. Implement the main process with an embedded html form FORM_NAME.html, and inside of this process a call activity to the 2nd process.
  2. The 2nd process then, using the deploymentId and resourceId of the main process, should retrieve this FORM_NAME.html file and use it as it’s form.

I’m already able to propagate the variable “form” which includes the deploymentId and resourceId as objects to the 2nd process, but I’m having a hard time retrieving the form and using it.

I’m thinking I should use a taskListener or a service task to retrieve said form? And if so, how would it look like?

Anyone have any ideas?

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