Camunda 8 API start process instance

In 2019 I had my last experience with Camunda. So, right now, my working experience is with Camunda 7.
Recently I started to study Camunda 8 and try to replicate my working way on Camunda 7.
In Camunda 7 we had an API to start a process instance.
In Camunda 8 I didn’t find it.
Can anyone help?

Hi @valiu,

the API to start a process instance is here: Zeebe API (gRPC) | Camunda Platform 8

It depends on your client how to invoke it. If you use the SpringZeebeClient you can invoke it like here: spring-zeebe/ at master · camunda-community-hub/spring-zeebe · GitHub

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi @valiu ,

And thanks for the great answer @Ingo_Richtsmeier ! There are also 2 officially supported SDKs, Java and Golang, as well as several community-supported SDKs for C#, NodeJS and Python that you can use to start processes and handles external tasks. You can check the full list of clients for other languages.

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Thank you Ingo, it helps.
So for interacting with the process instances (start, cancel) we use gRPC and for interacting with the human tasks (making queries and mutations) we use GraphQL. REST API is exposed only to access Operate data.

Thank you @davidgs , I will give a look on

Hi @valiu,

yes, thats how the both engine diffentiate. Specialized APIs for different purposes: gRPC for fast, high load commands on process instances, GraphQL for querying an unknown but high amount of dynamic task data and REST for displaying historic process instances data somewhere else.

Kind Regards, Ingo

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Hi Guys, I am interested to find more on this. How I will call start process from gRPC from my spring boot and postman ?