Camunda 8 Community version. What does it entail?


I referred to blog here and also attended the camunda 8 platform demo, the new functionalities and feature are really great and provides all capabilities that we have or were planning to build in our digital platform.

I have been looking for an answer on what does community version of camunda 8 looks like and have not got a clear understanding on what that looks like hence looking for some answers from community members if it is clear to anyone.

We currently use Camunda 7 community version as core BPM engine in our platform and have integrated it using events, Elastic search, our own custom UI, our own web modeler etc.
it was not clear to me from demos, summit and blog is what does camunda 8 community product looks like

  1. Is it just going to be open source ZEBEE version?
  2. Is there going to be community version with core zebee engine, web modeler, cockpit/operate etc?
  3. Is camunda 8 is all going to be paid with SAAS or Self managed options?

It would have been great if there were some documentation around what community version of camunda 8 looks like.

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Hello @harish_malavade ,

core engine for Camunda 8 is the Zeebe engine which is distributed under Source-Available License (basically open-source but without the right to build a Saas Process Automation Solution). This engine is also to be used for the Community Edition.

Operate and Tasklist are available for testing and development in Community Edition, for production, there is a paid license required.

The web modeler is currently not part of the Self Managed Solution. Anyway, you can use the Web Modeler for free in Camunda Cloud.

I hope this gives you a quick overview. For more information, please start from here: Camunda Platform 8 Self-Managed | Camunda Platform 8



Thank you @jonathan.lukas . this really helps

Currently in Camunda 7 we are not paying for Tasklist / Cockpit. And i have these already running in production in which users are creating filter, monitoring workflows, also adding authorizations (Admin).
Do you think my users can still achieve this in Camunda 8 without a paid license?
Do you have any document stating Community vs Enterprise for Tasklist / Cockpit

@camunda @jonathan.lukas It would help if we can have a table comparing Camunda 7 features vs camunda 8 from community perspective and as well enteprise vs community in camunda 8 Something like what you had in Camunda 7 community vs enterprise Camunda Platform 7 Enterprise Edition - Camunda

@Niall I am sure there is something, could you have a look please?