Camunda 8 delete deployed process

Hi, what is the option or how can we delete a deployed process the same way we do with camunda 7?


Hi @alainosorio

This is actually not possible right now, which might sound strange but @jwulf did right a great post explaining the complexity behind removing process definitions in Camunda 8 you can read it here:

Thanks, let me explain my issue so you can point me to the right direction: I have 2 called activities and by mistake-testing I put the same id on both, so the parent process is always calling the latest process, I tried to change the id of the 2nd called activity process but the parent process is still calling the wrong process

Hi @alainosorio

Sounds like a pain!

Can you deploy a new version of the process with the correct id and the correct process, so that the call activity calls the correct process?


Hi @jwulf and thanks…I’ve test it and that will do the trick