Camunda-8 Desktop Modeler process deployment failed


I am facing some issue while trying to deploy the BPMN process from desktop modeler, please find the attached screenshot.
OAuth is not configured into our Zeebe setup. Then what is wrong with the Cluster endpoint ?

Since you are running it in self-managed, should this not be the endpoint? http://localhost:26500/

We have camunda-8 deployment on openshift environment.

Hope you are doing well !!
Can you please help me, It is bit urgent for me , not able to understand what is wrong here ?

Hello @yogeshwer,

the selected endpoint would mean that you have port 26500 open on your ingress controller.
My expectation would have been that you need to point to port 443

Does this help?


Hi @jonathan.lukas ,

This issue is resolved with oc tools port forwarding.
Thank you

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Hi. I am facing a similar issue. i have manual setup in local laptop.
can you kindly let me know what exactly the steps are for the port forwarding?

Hello @priyaprabhu ,

if you have a manual setup, does that mean that you run Camunda 8 inside docker, docker-compose or a local k8s-setup?


Hi I am using manual local setup. where we download the zip files. unzip them and run the bat file inside them.

Hi @priyaprabhu,

Are you using TLS with a custom certificate?
You may need to add the certificate to the modeler:

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The issue got fixed after i added the below entries in the application.yaml in zeebee broker
className: io.camunda.zeebe.exporter.ElasticsearchExporter

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