Camunda 8 DMN engine Execution on bathc of records


I am currently working on integrating Camunda DMN Engine with a C#.NET application using the Zeebe client, and I need some guidance on processing multiple records using DMN decision tables.

var evaluateDecisionResponse = await zeebeClient


  • I have batches of data, each containing around 50 records (sample count).
  • Each record has required attributes like for the DMN table.
  • I must apply specific DMN rules to each record within these batches.
  1. How can I configure a DMN decision table in Camunda to process each record in a batch? Specifically, I am looking for ways to make the decision table iterate over a list of records and apply rules to each one. And I don’t want to use the BPMN process.

Current Approach:

  • I am sending JSON data to the DMN engine, where each JSON object represents a batch of records.
  • I understand that I need to somehow loop through each record in the decision table, but I am unclear if it is feasible to iterate.

can anyone please go through this and respond?

@Hafflgav @nathan.loding please respond.

Hi @bot109493 - this is a community forum, not an official support channel. Please don’t tag users that haven’t participated in the topic already. If you need priority support, I can get you in touch with our sales and support teams.

Decision tables don’t iterate, per the DMN specification - they take an input and provide an output based on the rules configured. Iteration is handled by a BPMN process that calls the DMN table. If you want to call the DMN directly from the code, you need to iterate through the records in your code and execute the decision against each record.

I apologize for tagging in this thread. Thank you for the response.

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