Camunda 8 Forms JSON Value in Key


is it possible to use a JSON Value for a Key in forms ? The Dot seperation doesn’t work
My Form:

My Variable:

Hello @Anri ,

no this does not work at the moment.

My suggestion would be to use input mappings to set variables you want to modify as atomic values and output mappings to write them back to where you got them from.

Anyway, this would surely be a nice feature.

Thanks for the answere. I’ll do as suggested.

Would help a lot to have this feature!

Hello @Anri ,

let’s talk about your case a little.
If we think of a form of having a simple contract/API, with a few properties to provide for in- and output, I think it makes sense to allow for nested structures, since this helps keeping things tidy and clean.

What we also thought about is allowing to populate repeated lists of form fields for arrays of objects. Here, we would require a similar mapping. Imagine a “field group” mapped to a key, and all fields inside the group accessing the nested properties of this key.

Are you using these forms to create, update, or show such objects (such as this material)? Are you fetching the record beforehand in a service task, to present it then to a user for editing?

Happy to receive your input here!

Hello @christian-konrad ,

The Object is stored in the Process Variables and will be manipulated by user tasks or service taks.
They will be created by the frontend, depending on users selections.

But to Update or show the Objects in the User Interface i wan’t to use FormsJS, because I can link the Form to the User Task.

A construct like the Field Group would help a lot!

I hope this helps. Otherwise I can explain further in German :smiley: