Camunda 8 greenfield path to manage the process life

Hello guys, I could’t find any guide where I can find how to deal with the process life on camunda 8.
The process life start in the business, so the steps in my mind are the following:

  1. Business Analyst: Model the process in the strategic level using camunda 8 web modeler at high level.
  2. The developer access to camunda web modeler to refine the process?
  • In the examples that camunda academy provide you can deploy the process directly in zeebe from the web modeler. In the real life that is not true for a large company.

So my question is this:

  • The life of the process start with the modeling initiated by a business analyst. How can I integrate business with IT. How is the greenfield path? To use gitlab, web modeler, desktop modeler, maybe jira?

The correct approach will be:

  1. Busines analyst model the process from camunda web modeler. After correct the process the BA attach the process to gitlab or github, (Manually will be done this activity? Where collaborate the developer and the Business Analyst?)
  2. The developer download the process from gitlab, it is refined and deployed with the zeebe client?

Best regards

Hey @Maxi_Gutierrez! :slight_smile:
I understand where you are coming from.

My subjective recommendation would be:

  1. A Business Analyst works with the Web Modeler but does not have the privilege to deploy any models
  2. When he is done creating a first version he is creating a milestone and leaves a comment for the developer.
  3. The developer does all the technical enrichment of the process. Once done, creating another milestone.
  4. Now I would always recommend downloading the model, so it can be added to git and merged/deployed to production via the ZeebeClient.

It would be really cool to see the Web Modeler having a Git integration… :star_struck:
What do you think about this procedure?



Thank you @Hafflgav Thomas, your answer clarified my mind ja.
Will be great an integration beetween git and the web modeler as you said.
Best regards.

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