Camunda 8 Modeller usable in Camunda 7?

Hi. I’m following the Use Camunda’s REST API tutorial, and everything runs fine until I’m completing an XOR conditional. The YouTube tutorial uses syntax #{teamName == ‘Preussen Munster’}, but the modeller gives a syntax error. The modeller will, however, accept teamName = “Preussen Munster”

The issue is that the API returns the following error when I’m trying to complete the task. Why doesn’t the modeller accept the syntax with the double eq marks ‘==’ and is this the problem in the first place?

Hi @Olli and welcome to the forum,

There are differences between Camunda 7 and Camunda 8. Both use BPMN; thus, models are mostly compatible. However, this is not true for implementation details. Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 use different extension properties and different expression languages.

Camunda 8 uses FEEL expression language: Camunda 7 uses JUEL. For this reason, #{teamName == ‘Preussen Munster’} is considered to be an error. Furthermore, you cannot simply ignore the error and use the model anyway because the specification will be ignored due to the different namespaces.

To implement a process for Camunda 7 you have to create a Camunda 7 model. You can do this easily within the Desktop modeler:
File > New File > BPMN Diagram (Camunda Platform 7)


Thank you for comprehensive reply, totally makes sense!