Camunda 8 Operate API Error (Whitelabel Error Page)

am following this guide “Configuration | Camunda Platform 8” to try to access the operate api , when i hit the api using “http://localhost:8081/v1/process-definitions/list” i get the below error in html , also i tested /api/v1/process-definitions/list" and get an empty response

<html><body><h1>Whitelabel Error Page</h1><p>This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.</p><div id='created'>null</div><div>There was an unexpected error (type=null, status=null).</div><div></div></body></html>

what am i doing wrong ?

Hey @Hasan_Alnatour,
I guess you are using docker-compose to start up things?
Make sure that the port for Operate is actually 8081. :slight_smile:

Besides I noticed that you are using the endpoint v1/process-definitions/list which does not exist according to the API documentation.

If you scroll down on that website you can find some exemplary calls as well. :slight_smile:
Hopefully this was helpful for you!

@Hafflgav I am using docker-compose, this is the exact guide I tested , i tested another example and got the same issue running it on 8081

@Hasan_Alnatour if you run this query via your browser you might se some more information about what’s going wrong.
For this one it is quite easy to answer:

  • Have you deployed any process to zeebe yet?
  • It seems that you are trying to get information on a process definition which does not exist.
  • The key shown in the example is just a example. So you do no have a process containing this key deployed on your machine

Does this make sense? :smiley:

@Hafflgav oh am sorry wrong screenshots

@Hafflgav please let me know your thoughts

Hey @Hasan_Alnatour!
Sorry for the delay - we have been on our annual retreat with the whole company. :slight_smile:

I do run into some similar issues in Postman which is weird.
If I run the query in my browser it works though

I will do some further research why the request fails with postman. :slight_smile:

hi @Hafflgav ,

Thank you for your input, i think the issue is authentication, it works on the browser because you are already authenticated, if you open it where you are not you will be redirected to the /api/login page , so after i added the “OPERATE-SESSION 12101D889B8F49BDC2642B9712453465” cookie , the main issue was an extra space in the cookie text

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Oh noo, that’s unfortunate! Thanks for pointing out that the issue was an extra space! I haven’t actually seen this in my Postman Headers… :slight_smile:
Good eyes!