Camunda 8 optimize - alerts

Hi all,

In camunda 8 when I try to set any alert in optimize, i get an error message (

It does not matter if it is a custom or standard report, none seem to work. Anyone who knows what might be the issue or how it can be solved?


Hi @RickCamunda,
There could be a few reasons you’re receiving an error. I think its most likely that no user with the email address you’re specifying for the alert can be found in the system. To confirm whether that is the case, can you please use your browsers DevTools to check the response of the alert call in the Network tab when you try to create another alert with that email and let me know what the detailMessage of the error is?


Hi Helene,
Thanks for your reply. It looks like you’re right. The detailedmessage i’m getting is: Users with the following email addresses are not available for receiving alerts: .
I’ve added the user and now it’s working fine. Thanks for your help!

Glad I could help!

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Does the user that should receive the alert have to be known as a user in Optimize? What if I want to send the alert to an external (relative to Optimize) entity, e.g. to a certain business unit?

Hi @fml2 ,
in C8, you can only send alerts to users that are known to Optimize so if you want to send someone an alert you would need to add them to your organisation.

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@Helene, thank you for the quick reply.

That’s a pity because the target email address may be a distribution list or a group mail box that does not exist as a user. And it may be not feasible to create it as a user because the users come from a read only directory (e.g. LDAP).

Are there plans to change this?

Hi @fml2 ,
from what I understand there are legal issues around sending emails from our servers to people who have not signed up and hence have no direct way to opt out of receiving emails from Optimize, so we currently have no plans for changing this in C8.

Ah, I see!

And what about an on premises installation?

We are planning on adding email functionality to the on premise Optimize in the future. There is no specific implementation date for this feature yet but you can check out this feature request for more information.
Is this feature important to your use of Optimize? and if so, can you clarify your use case further so I can forward this information to product management

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Thank you for the information. The use case would be quite trivial. In organizations, especially big ones, alerts often get sent not to concrete people but rather to organization units. Those usually have a representation in the mail system – either as a group inbox or a distribution list. This simplifies the administration etc. Those mail addresses are never associated with a person, i.e. there is no user having this mail address. But mails should be sent there.

Makes sense, thanks for the info! We will take this into consideration when prioritising the feature request.