Camunda 8 - Question on Elastic Search & Process Instance , Task related queries

Hi @camunda Team,

I have couple of question reg elastic search and retrieval process instance informaiton.

  1. Consider we are on Camunda 8 self managed on Openshift Container or Kubernetes platform.
    a) Can we disable the elastic search dependency chart in the helm chart while provisioning and leverage the enterprise version of elastic search what customer is using with kibana for logs federation etc.? i could see community version of elastic search image referrence in the camunda 8 helm chart?

  2. So far in camunda7 , we will come to know process instance , task information on the RDBMS DB, where as in Camunda 8 the state of process instance is will persisted on disk, is this disk is persistent volume ?
    a)How to retrieve the information of process instance and task information without getting into elastic search or operator ui capabilities. Do we have anything specific to fetch the process instance details from disk?
    b) if we want to update the task information in bulk for some scenario’s at one stretch with out leveraging api’s. what is the best case.

  3. do we have swagger to see the list api’s available