Camunda 8 - Schedule timer event for working days with time zone


I use Camunda 8 Self-Managed (with Camunda Zeebe 8.1.8 and Camunda Operate 8.1.8) and Modeler 5.8.0 on Windows Server 2019.
I am trying to create a process with a Start Timer Event so that this process will run every 2 working days at 9am Singapore time. In other words, it would run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.
Using ISO 8601 we could not set the every 2 working days part.

it possible to do this directly? If not, is there a simple workaround that makes this possible?

Best regards,

Hello @tabem ,

as far as I see it, this is not that simple.

What you could do is using a None Start Event and have a piece of code running that uses this schedule in a programmed manner (runs on every work day at 9am Singapore time, switches a boolean on activation and only runs if it becomes true).

I hope this helps