Camunda 8 - Self Hosted Environment. What the free version is offering?

Hi everyone! I just started using Camunda 8. I was using camunda 7 earlier and migrating to 8 and it created confusion.
In the product page it is mentioned that - Non-Production usage of Operate, Tasklist, Optimize for the opensource / free license.

What is it mean? I was using Camunda 7 Tasklist / Cockpit already in production and what features i loose if i opt for dev features only.

With Camunda Platform 8, without a production license, you do not have Operate, Optimize, or Tasklist in production.

Effectively, it means that you do not have the equivalent functionality of Camunda 7’s Cockpit, Optimize, and Tasklist in production - unless you roll your own solution.

Hope this helps,