Camunda 8 self-managed combined ingress: "Identity cannot be accessed under a sub-path"

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set up Camunda 8.1 self-managed on GCP via the helm charts. There is an ingress-nginx controller in my cluster. I am using the combined ingress setup from here. I’ve changed the domain to mine and kept the paths as provided. The only other thing I have changed in my values file are existingSecrets (should not be related to this problem, right?).

Other services work as expected, but Identity seems to have a problem:
When I access the path “/identity” I’m prompted with the usual Keycloak login page. After entering the demo credentials, there is a blank page and a browser pop-up displaying the message:

"Identity cannot be accessed under a sub-path. Please use the latest Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser and make sure you are not in an incognito/private tab or window."

The result is the same for Chrome and Edge. Both are the latest version and I’ve tried with and without incognito mode.

I was able to work around this problem with a setup of separated ingresses, which had Identity mapped to “/”, so the problem really seems to be the path. I’d prefer the combined setup and the path “/identity”, though.

Has anyone seen this problem before or can reproduce it?

I asked the same problem on github. Here’s the link

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