Camunda 8 Self Managed Zeebe HTTP Worker Issues

Hi All,

I have been looking into using the HTTP Tasks on Camunda 8 for Self Managed for a proof of concept. I have been able to figure out how to add in the HTTP Tasks into the desktop modeller and deploy the model to my local Camunda operate which I am running off docker.

My docker file will generate the Camunda platform correctly but I am having issues once I begin running my workflow where it will reach the HTTP Task and stop. Not sure if there is any additional configurations needed for this to work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Warm Regards, Kurtis Robinson.

docker-compose.yaml (8.0 KB)

Hi @Kurtis_Robinson. :wave:

The Zeebe HTTP worker is a community extension. It is a separate application that needs to be started, for example as a Docker container. See the docs.

However, the community extension is kind of outdated and replaced by the official Camunda REST connector. Looking at your BPMN process, you are using the Camunda REST connector.

See the Camunda docs on how to use the connectors in a self-managed environment.

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Hi Philip,

I had the Zeebe HTTP Worker included in the docker file so it was spinning up but I was getting no response / task completion.

Can I ask that you detail out the steps for how we would implement a Connector to carry out HTTP tasks in self managed? I have tried following the documentation but I am getting led around in circles.

Yes. In your BPMN process, it seems that you used the Camunda REST connector (i.e. the task has a special icon with R). The REST connector defines a job type that is different from the community HTTP worker. As a result, the task is still active.

In general, the community HTTP worker is a different implementation that works differently and requires different parameters.

You can just install the Camunda connectors in your environment. But it depends on your environment. See this installation guide for details. You can find the Docker image here, including links to the configuration.