Camunda 8 SelfHosting in Production environment and Free vs Enterprise

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We are starting new to Camunda and planning to use in community edition for the first few years. Thought of starting with Camunda 8 Self hosting but got bunch of issues. Had following Question to the community

  1. Using Camunda 8 Self Hosting in Production - I got issues while setting up Camunda 8 in development env. Is anyone using the Self-hosting community version in production, How is the experience.

  2. Tasklist in Camunda 8 community edition - I believe Tasklist is not available in Free version of Camunda. Camunda 8 offers GraphQL api too for tasklist. Just the tasklist UI is not available in free edition or event Tasklist Api is not availabe in free edition. Basically if i want to use engine with User tasks in Production while using camunda 8 self hosting community edition, Can I do that?

  3. Camunda 8 enterprise edition with Self Hosting - Can we self host and get commercial license later without goign to Saas ? The pricing varies for using it as Saas vs Self hosting but getting all the rich features

  4. Starting with Camudna 7 - To leverage all the features if we start with Camunda 7, how bad or easy it would be to move to Camunda 8 later in few years. I believe Camunda 7 will still be supported for next 5 years, is that correct. Support meaning it will be mantained with no enhancements?

Appreaciate and pointer or help on this

Hey @Sumant_Kumar! :slight_smile:
I am trying to give you at least a few answers here:

  1. @Alexey_Vinogradov in one of our Camunda Champions. They use Zeebe in production as far as I know. - Feel free to share if you like to!
  2. To my knowledge Zeebe is the only component available for “free”. I have attached you a simple example about how to build a simple Tasklist without the GraphQL API.
    GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeebe-simple-tasklist: Zeebe worker to manage manual/user tasks
  3. If you start with Camunda 8 and want to get the Commercial License later that is fine. There is no requirement to go SaaS.
  4. Dependant on your use-case you can start off with Camunda 7. If you decide on moving down this path I would be very careful about the architecture you choose. (e.g. no task listeners, remote engine, …)
    Generally, I would recommend using Camunda 8 if you are starting with a Greenfield Project.
    In this context support means: No new feature development, security fixes, etc.

Hopefully this was already helpful for you!

P.S.: what problems did you run into hosting Camunda 8 in your dev-environment?

Thankyou @Hafflgav this is superhelpful, We are kindof following greenfield recommendation on our camunda7 design for an easy migration to future state.

A couple of links to further resources:

This blog post covers the licensing for the various components of Camunda Platform 8 in detail:

This blog post covers the greenfield recommendations for developing on Camunda 7 with a view to migrating in the future to Camunda Platform 8:

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Thankyou @jwulf