Camunda 8 Service task not working, job worker not getting started

Hi Everyone,

I new to Camunda 8 and trying to implement a service task in a Springboot project. When the token reaches service task, it stays in the running state and nothing is executed. In Operate I can see the job worker field as empty as well. I have attached the implementation screenshots. Kindly let me know how I can resolve. Thanks in advance.

Hi, @Pragati ,
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Kindly make sure that your spring boot application is in running state and not terminated, when you have job worker definitions in spring boot, then your application should be in running state, because of the connector runtime, until unless you terminate it manually. Here are some sample logs -

I have used the “spring-zeebe-starter” dependency for this.
If you further need any assistance, share the logs or any more info.

Hi @Pragati,

the mismatch between the task type in the Modeler and in Operate shows that you didn’t deploy the current process model to the Zeebe engine.

Deploy the current process model and start a new instance afterwards.

You can cancel the running instance.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi Hariharan_B,
Thanks for helping. My application is in running state. In your logs Zeebe workers are getting configured, its not the case in my logs (pls check the screenshot).I think that might be the issue. I have added my application logs as well as pom screenshot.
Please let me know if u have any idea for resolving this issue. Thanks!!

Hi Ingo,
Thanks for ur help. I am new to Camunda 8, can u pls let me know where the miss match is occurring. The task type is ‘registerTask’ in modeler and job type is also ‘registerTask’ in operate. Pls let me know. Thanks!!

Hi, @Pragati
Can you please check the package hierarchy, because the job workers will be discovered in the path which is visible to @ComponentScan (which comes embedded with the @SpringBootApplication). Otherwise use scanBasePackages like this

@SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackages = "com.package.subpackage.*")

Hope this works!!!

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Hi Hariharan,

Thanks a lot for the help, its working after I added scanBasePackages. :grinning:

Hi @Pragati,

you are right! I just looked at the yellow mark in your picture too fast.

Please ignore my comment.

Cheers, Ingo

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