camunda 8 tasklist simple auth error

I am trying to have a POC integration. I added this dependency to pom.xml io.camunda.spring.spring-boot-starter-camunda-8.4.0. It is only getting zeebe and operate client. So i externally added camunda-tasklist-client-java- for tasklist operations. I added my configuration to below. When i try to run program it gets “Unable to authenticate due to missing Set-Cookie” error. Actually i have TASKLIST-SESSION header but SimpleAuthentication is looking for OPERATE-SESSION. Is there any way to solve this issue?

SimpleConfig simpleConf = new SimpleConfig();
		simpleConf.addProduct(Product.TASKLIST, new SimpleCredential("demo", "demo"));
		Authentication auth = SimpleAuthentication.builder().simpleUrl("http://localhost:8082").simpleConfig(simpleConf).build();
		taskListClient = new CamundaTaskListClientBuilder().taskListUrl("http://localhost:8082").shouldReturnVariables().shouldLoadTruncatedVariables().authentication(auth).build();

Hi @Aykut_Yuksek, welcome to the forums! I think you might be affected by this same bug - have a look at this thread, specifically the last reply: