Camunda Academy signup

Hi Team,
Trying to checkout Camunda Academy, unable to sign up need a org email id.

How can we get the access for the Academy to look out the info.

Hello @j_srikanth ,

to sign up to Camunda Academy (, please click on sign in in the top right corner and then on sign up there.

You will have to provide your name, an email and a password.

Is this helpful or do you need something else?


Hey @jonathan.lukas ,
Thanks for your info, know i was able to login the academy. Is there any specific process to get an end-end training on this BPM tool??

We working to start a startup, this training will helps us a lot.

Hello @j_srikanth ,

the Academy is split up in learning paths by default.

However, the crucial training for everybody being involved with processes is the BPMN 2.0 Training.

It will provide you with an overview over the the BPMN palette as well as tips, best practices and our experiences regarding BPM, modeling and business-IT alignment.

The next very important training would then be a training about the platform you want to work with, so either 7 or 8.

In case there would be more questions, the forum is a good source.

Anyway, if you plan to use Camunda Platform for a professional use case, please have a look at our EE offering.

I hope this helps


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