Camunda and Azure Active Directory

I am considering camunda as part of our BPM process to assign tasks for users.
Our users today are in Azure AD. I would like to know if I can integrate camunda with azure ad and then use the API of camunda to notify the users of the tasks…
Thanks in advance

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Did you ever figure this out?

I have the same problem, any update?

We have done that, but unfortunately don’t have resources to maintain the required plugins in public. Only the concept.

Our proven solution is to use 1) SCIM 2.0 -provisioning supported by Azure AD to synchronise users and groups from Azure AD to our on-premise Camunda instances and 2) OpenID Connect to authenticate the users.

Unfortunately, while OpenID Connect is possible “simply” by following Spring Boot SSO examples (it is supported by Spring Security), SCIM-support was quite involved…

Hi @datakurre
thank you so much for your reply

I only now realised that an alternative for building SCIM endpoints into Camunda (which we did) is to setup a local OpenLDAP server, add SCIM support for that and the use Camunda LDAP plugin for user and group identities, and then Spring Security OpenID Connect for authentication.

And already the first Google search for that gave me a promising example: