Camunda API to get list of tasks in a process-definition

is there a Camunda API which gives a list of tasks in a process-definition

@vnuggu refer this page:

Hey @vnuggu,

I guess you need to be a bit more specific on what you would like to fetch here.
Are you looking for all user task instances for a specific process definition?
You could use the following API to fetch something like that:

You can limit the set of tasks by process definition using any of processDefinitionId, processDefinitionKey, processDefinitionKeyIn, processDefinitionName and processDefinitionNameLike.

Hope that helps,

hi @aravindhrs/@tmetzke,

Thanks for your responses!

To be specific we want to display all the task/subprocess names in our UI.

For example, take a recruiting workflow as below and how could we retrieve stage names using Camunda APIs:


That is basically how you want to fetch all your active task is your query as per my understadning.

Refer to below documentation, for all task-related activities

With this URL: localhost:8085/engine-rest/task
you will get all the active tasks, filter the tasks based on query parameters as per your requirement.