Camunda Application REST Service

In my current process application, I would like to retrieve some backend data to be shown in the first form.
The first form is shown before a new process instance has been created, so I cannot use any delegate for retrieving the required data.

My first idea on solving this matter would be to get the data by using a REST Service from the form directly with AngularJS.

But then I was wondering: if I implement the REST Service for this application, how could we deliver / deploy it? Currently we are deploying a single application WAR file into a Tomcat Server.
So here are my questions:

- Is there a way of creating new REST services within a Camunda Application? Like packaging everything in one WAR file at the end?
- Or do the customized REST services have to be managed outside the Camunda application package?

PS: I know that it is possible to extend the Camuinda REST API, but this is not what I want to do, because the services will be specific for one single application.

I would be very grateful for any advice.



Hi Otto,

You could simply bundle a JAX-RS provider with your WAR. For example, Camunda ships RestEasy as JAX-RS provider with our WebApp and Rest API on Tomcat. Then you can just create a standard JAX-RS application class inside your WAR and expose the necessary services over REST. Those can then be called from the forms using AngularJS.

Edit: A Camunda application is nothing more than a WAR with some Camunda stuff in it. Everything what you can do with a WAR can be done.


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If you use Spring, create a spring bean, annotate methods to be exposed as web services and you will thus have an API relative to your application deployment.



Nice from you both, thanks!
I will be making some tests today and documenting the results here afterwards.

I also bundle some custom REST services in my camunda WAR file. No issues there…

When you do this, is the Camunda authentication used? Or do I need to implement authentication? Could anyone post a sample of a class which implements a REST endpoint in a Camunda WAR, please? (I’m new to both Camunda and Java).