Camunda Artifacts version to be used

Hello: We use Enterprise Edition camunda. Our Engine runs independently as an ear file. ( Our flows are independent war files separate from the engine ) . We use Oracle for the Database and Weblogic for the Container.

Given this configuration :

  1. Is it true that all communication between our flows use REST to communicate with the Camunda Engine?

  2. Is it true that none of our flows will connect to the database directly.? ( Instead, they will all connect to the Camunda Engine using REST, which in turn will connect to the database )

  3. If the communication between Camunda flow war files and Camunda Engine is through REST protocol, is it needed that the jar file artifacts being used to build the flow war files should match the Engine version number exactly? ( We are using 7.3.11 for the engine. But when we looked at Camunda Nexus, we only saw artifacts for 7.3.0. There was NO 7.3.11 artifacts ).

Any help will be much appreciated.


Hello @sonyantony,

Please consider contacting the support if you are an enterprise customer. link
Here are my comments on your questions:

  1. and 2. Yes, in general, the Rest API is used. It will be helpful to know what is your use case to collaborate further on this.
  2. Could you please double check if the engine version is 7.3.11 or 7.11.3?

Best regards,

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