Camunda as state machine


We have traditional system built in Java/Strut with complex business logic along with state changes.
now we are migrating the system to camunda workflow with new greenfield technologies stacks.
so to migrate state change logic Do camunda provide some in built mechanism or at least
state field/ or column to maintain the state changes against process instance?

or We should reuse persistence logic and tables of states as it is and call persistent layer from camunda flow?

please suggest optimized/best practice approach

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A process engine is a state machine. The state of a process instance is reflected by the completed tasks and events, the active task instances/current positions of the tokens, and the values of the process variables.
Typically all significant states would be represented by tasks (or events) and the state transitions by edges. The Runtime/History service can then be used to fetch the past and current state. In addition process variables can be used to store add state (less visible and structured than the process)