Camunda as the Tasks System

Hi! In my company we want to implement our own system of tasks. We want to start with something simple, when we have id, type, severity, comment, state, assignee, description etc … without any complex flow inside. You just can change the values of these fields. In the future, we want to make integration with Jira, and perhaps in the future the system can become more complex. What do you think can Camunda help us or is it not designed for this or will bring another level of complexity? Any thoughts would be helpful.

Hi @Roman_A,

I think you can, Camunda (or to be more precice BPMN) is good for anything you can think of as a process. If you want to automate simple tasks, to see how they work, and later start making more complex processes with these Tasks you did start with, Camunda is definetly the tool to use.

Camunda is also very helpful if you also have non technical people working with the tool. Camunda is also equipped with a task-list, which can be used by anybody who can use a browser and brings an elaborate toolset for access control.

If none of the above apply and you only want to accept a message or event, transform it and send it to another system, I would rather use something like apache camel.

If you could post a more concrete case, I can also make a suggestion if you want.

Best regards,

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