Camunda Assignees

Hello everyone, I need help with the topic about assignees!

I thought that when a user is assigned to a user task other users wouldn’t be able to see the task and assign it to themselves and I found documentation (Enhancing Tasklist Security: Introducing User Groups Restrictions for User Tasks | Camunda) to fundament my thought but for some reason I don’t see it happening in my enviorenment, can somebody help me?

I also leave a screenshot of two different users assigned to each task but they’re able to see both.

hi @paulo.ferreira
What Camunda version do you use at the moment?

hello @Alex_Voloshyn

I have it in version 8.2.3

The link that you shared has the following statement " 8.4.0-alpha2 "
I think you need to upgrade your cluster.

Ahhh I didnt notice it, that might fix it!

I’ll try and share the result, thanks!

I still can see tasks from other users. :frowning:

I’ve also added this feature flag that was missing but it didnt seem to fix it.

After adding USER_RESTRICTIONS_ENABLED flag your configuration looks correct now. Can you confirm that it does not work still?

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Yes, it happens the same as in the previous screenshot i’ve sent.

Can you share more details on deploying your Camunda 8 instance and values/configuration files? It might worth to double check that the User Task Access Restrictions feature is correctly enabled on Identity.

Somehow I managed to put it working, but I don´t know what I did…

I think you did it with the USER_RESTRICTIONS_ENABLED flag but the change did not immediately affect it.

Maybe it was it, because my environment is on the 8.5.0 version.