Camunda Asynch Before Causing Process to Stop in version 7.8.0-ee and 7.9.6-ee

I created a very simple process consisting of a start event, script task, and end event. In the script task, I checked the “Asynchronous Before” box and left the “Exclusive” box checked.

I created this in Modeler, then copied the BPMN file into Eclipse where we use the Eclipse Modeler Plugin. I opened the diagram in Eclipse, built and deployed the project. I then checked both version of the file to see if Eclipse has altered the version created in Modeler, which it hadn’t.

If I deploy the process to a WildFly 10 Camunda instance and start it, the process starts and then stops at the single script activity. It will never move forward from there. I did the same with Camunda 7.8.0-ee.

If I deploy it to Camunda 7.6.2-ee, the process runs to completion. I cannot understand why the process will not get past the Asynch boundary in 7.8.0-ee and 7.9.6-ee.

I have (I hope) attached the BPMN file.Process_PrintSomething.bpmn (2.9 KB)

The problem was me. I copied a configuration from another server in which the job executor activate parameter just happened to be set to false.

Default distribution does not include the parameter, but default is true.


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