Camunda BPM External Task Form

Hi All,

For external task form , can we have a user task UI build in any other frond end technology,other than jsf .Please confirm.

Sure, you can build a front end in whatever you like, the only thing you need to make sure of is if that front end can communicate to the engine to get and complete tasks. ,

HI @Niall,

Thanks for your reply.
Going by your reply if I use html forms , than can we use camund-engine-cdi library for communication between process engine and UI . This library works well with jsf , not sure if this can be used with html also. Please confirm.

It depends on what you’re trying to do - but it might be easy enough to use the OpenAPI documentation to generate a client library for your to use.

We are trying to call our own UI deployed as a separate web application . We were able to make a call to our own UI(html5), for a user task using external task form. But we were not able to access process variables on our UI and also on submission of UI callback URL is not called.