Camunda-bpm-mockito - needs help for release 4.11 - now 4.12.0

The camunda-bpm-mockito extension has lost its sponsor (Christian), who in the past took care of releases …

we are now ready to get 4.11.0 out in the open, but do not know to whom we should assign the task.

Please check:


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I will ping @Niall about it.
In case it is urgent or there some issues during the release I will try to help out.

Hi Jan,
I’ll see about getting this done this week - today or tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know!

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I removed Christian from the Sponsor/Maintainer list … could you try to find another camunda colleague who can support this? It’s a low maintenance job … releasing from time to time and maybe participating in short discussions about the further development …

this is a ping …

Due to api changes in Incident and Delegatetask I want to get a 4.12.0 “just updated to 7.12” out asap and postpone fixes and features to 4.12.1 … please see:

I guess this extension is used quite commonly … could you find a sponsor that we can talk direct to, please?