Camunda-bpm-webapp Error 404 - Not Found

Hi, I am new to camunda, when I try to run camunda-bpm-webapp exactly as the instruction told, step by step, all passed no error, until I hit http://localhost:8080, the page told me Error 404 - Not Found and also this :
No context on this server matched or handled this request.
Contexts known to this server are:

This result make me anxious and worried about whether I should pursue cammunda any further, please help!


How exactly are you running camunda?
Which guide are you following?

Hi Dear Niall,

Nice talk to you…
I followed this demo from
[2] (only add the public nexus repository to maven settings.xml)

here are the steps:

git clone
cd camunda-bpm-webapp
mvn clean install
npm install
mvn jetty:run -Pdevelop

all passed without error untill localhost:8080, error 404.

What is wrong?

What exactly do you want to achieve?
If you want to get camunda up and running as a standalone web app then simply download and runthe community distro.
If you would like to build it as a springboot java project thenfollow these instructions.